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WMWTA Scholarship

The West Michigan World Trade Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to maintaining West Michigan’s competitive edge in the global marketplace. As part of this commitment, the organization wishes to encourage students to expand their academic knowledge by offering them scholarships for qualified study abroad programs. Scholarships will be awarded to students from West Michigan post-secondary academic institutions in amounts at least $1,000 and are based on program costs and financial need. We are now accepting applications for 2020. WMWTA Scholarship Packet 2020.pdf

Joshua Hunter:
2019 WMWTA Scholarship Winner

Pursuing a B.B.A in General Management, with a minor in Computer Science, Joshua Hunter will travel to Mosbach, Germany in the Fall of 2019. Fulfilling German Language requirements as well as International Business Credits, post study abroad, his estimated graduation date is May of 2020. The WMWTA scholarship will partially defray associated expenses of living abroad.   

West Michigan World Trade Association is a 501(c)6  non-profit organization dedicated to maintaining the region's competitive edge in the global marketplace, while providing a forum for executives interested in sharing their experiences and honing their skills in international trade.

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